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I help High-Growth entrepreneurs reach 7-figures in revenue per year with spiritually conscious methods grounded in scientific principals. 


Mindset mastery coach and mindset consultant

Do you feel like you’re failing in your pursuit of having it all? Are you crushing it at your business while your love life suffers? I’ve been there. My name is Michael and I created Business Mindset Collective to help entrepreneurs unblock limiting beliefs and reprogram their subconscious mind so they can accelerate their path to more wealth, improved partnerships, and unlimited success. Yes, it’s possible.

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Michael Blunt


Hi there, I’m Michael, a master in mindset  and executive coach dedicated to helping people let go of the hidden roadblocks preventing them from taking their lives to the next level. I’ve been where you are: on the brink of burnout and feeling like no matter how hard I worked, my reality never dramatically changed. Today, I help entrepreneurs dissolve their problems, heal from the past, and become dangerously effective at manifesting their dream reality using powerful frameworks like The C3 Method™ and scientifically-backed tools like b-TFA™ reprogramming .

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Are you ready to reach your 10 year goals in just ONE year? BMC is a collective of entrepreneurs dedicated to mastering the science and spirituality behind thriving businesses.

"Working with Michael has changed my life. Not only did he change how I think about myself, but I now see the external world through a lens of limitless possibilities. When we first met, I was making a lot of money in a C-suite role but was incredibly lost and dissatisfied. Michael gave me the tools to recognize that any shifts I wanted to make in my life all came down to my mindset. His powerful tools helped me clearly visualize my new path as a highly successful entrepreneur and a year later, I am building my own company. His reprogramming exercises have helped me drop old stories and see that the CEO I want to be is already here within me. Thank you Michael."


Founder & CEO

ebony bowden

“I completed the Business Mindset Collective 1x1 Program with Michael and have now continued doing the Advanced Mastery Mindset work with him. Through the beginning of the program, Michael showed me that I have the power to live the life I want to live and that I am always 100% in control of my actions. During our monthly check-ins, he kept me accountable to my goals and is always providing me with new perspectives on life."

Francis Cahill


senior account executive

"I loved working with Michael :)

 I knew it would be good, but the experience surpassed my expectations. I appreciated the structure of the program as it enabled a disciplined approach and created momentum to move forward.  Michael came to sessions prepared, present, and energetic and this enabled us to have repeated breakthroughs. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to dig deeper and propel forward."


US Marketing Executive

Gheisa Cruz


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