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Joe Dieuvil

CEO of Dieuvil Law

Scaled to $60k in 60 days

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"I highly recommend [BMC] to anyone who is looking to be more successful or just looking to be more at peace with themselves. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

— joseph Dieuvil

Joe Dieuvil

What does your company do?

I am an attorney, a transactional attorney. The main focus of my type of law is mostly based on intellectual property in intellectual property transactions. The law firm is based out of New York. And I'm licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey.

Where were you before BMC?

My background when I started practicing law was in music. I had the opportunity to work for an IP and serve as an in-house attorney for the company. Because of that first experience, much of my subsequent experience stems from working in the music industry. However, as I gained more experience, I realized that limiting my client pool to just entertainment was handicapping my business. It kept me boxed in professionally. As the years passed, I began accepting more work generally under business transactions and rights. Now, I am a business transactional lawyer specializing in IP.

How did you find BMC, and what made you decide to work with us?

Well, I think that's a really good question. I think that as I got older, my sort of definition of success changed. When I was living in Florida and going to law school there, I think that at that time, my definition of success was, "You're going to move to New York. You're going to work for a music company. You're going to be interviewing with lawyers," and that's what I wanted. And I did it. And then I think, as the years passed and I grew, I started to realize that maybe my definition of success was changing. And I think that when I found the business mindset and when I found you and I started finding this opportunity to improve myself, I think that I knew I was looking for something more in my life. But I didn't really know what that was. And I felt a little bit stuck in my career, you know? I think maybe because I had reached my goals to be an interesting attorney in New York, because I reached that so quickly. It kind of felt like, "Okay, I know there was more, but I didn't really know where that was or how to, you know, to sort of reach the next level," because to be human is to learn, to grow, to want new things, and establish new goals. So my definition of success had changed. I wanted to make more money. I wanted to build more business. I also wanted to expand my experience level and my skills more. So when I found your course, it was kind of at the right time of my life where I felt the need to do something more, and I just didn't know what that was.

What did you immediately recognize that needed fixing inside your business?

Yeah, it's a great question. I realized there were a lot of things that needed to change. But most importantly, I think my mindset needed to change, and that's on so many different levels. I learned that there were many different aspects of my mindset that I needed to work on, especially in terms of how I saw myself and my ability to be successful. The course allowed me to sit with my own thoughts, but in an organized way. So many times, we have various issues, insecurities, or discomforts that come and go as fleeting thoughts. But it was helpful to be able to sit down and write out my feelings, my visions of success, and my perception of myself as successful. It's absolutely beneficial and necessary to put those things down in written form or to articulate them verbally. It helped me address the issues I had and understand what it would mean to reach the next level of success in my life.

What are some “Before & After” results in tangible metrics you experienced in your business from working with us?

You know, the course came at a really difficult time in my life because it was right after I ended my business partnership with my former partner. When I had the opportunity to take the course and focus on the things I needed to learn to achieve my goals, it helped me organize my thoughts and viewpoints on how to approach my life and career. It gave me the confidence to say, "Okay, I can do this on my own. I can create the reality for myself that I want." That sense of empowerment motivated me to start my own solo practice, and within the first three months, I began seeing the type of earnings I was hoping for.

What would you say to someone considering working with BMC?

I would say that you have nothing to lose. If you truly want to seize the opportunity to improve and grow, I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to be more successful or just looking to be more at peace with themselves.

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