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Elevating Human Consciousness



I've created a unique 3-step framework called the C3 Method, that not only provides complete transparency into where you currently are, but also creates the perfect structure for you to arrive at where you want to be. 
Backed by modern science and ancient spiritual energetics, my coaching takes a practical approach to reprogramming the root of your subconscious belief systems rather than treating the symptom of your problems.   

This C3 model is proven to be the most concise and effective technique for transformational manifestation.  


Your Life Purpose
Greater Power of Influence
Elevated Success 

Is EMc For Me

I have a burning desire for change
I believe transformation is possible
I expect to get started now 
I am tired of feeling stuck
I want more work freedom
 I want more life fulfillment


option 1

Private Access

Private EMC is an executive level experience with private access to a 1x1 customized coaching with me. Clients receive lifetime access to our online courses and tools, helping to unlock their full human potential.

whats included

  • 60 minute calls each week for 3 months
  • Energy Mastery Workbook
  • Lifetime All-Access to Entire Online Course Suite
  • Private Voxer Communication
  • Customized micro-assignments 
  • Weekly High-Impact Private Coaching
  • Value Packed Exercises
  • Subconscious Reprogramming & Meditation Tools
  • Energy Mastermind Community


$7,000 FOR 3 MONTHS or One time payment of $18k



option 2

Group Mastermind

Group EMC is a highly selective community learning model that creates deep lasting, and supportive friendships amongst our students looking to elevate at their highest level of success. 

NEXT ROUND: january 2023

whats included

  • 60 minute group calls each week for 3 months
  • Energy Mastery Workbook
  • Weekly Networking Group Coaching
  • Value Packed Exercises
  • Subconscious Reprogramming & Meditation Tools
  • Energy Mastermind Community


$4,000 FOR 3 MONTHS or One time payment of $9k


“Any industry leader that is not taking the time to master their own energy is at a competitive disadvantage” 

Michael A Blunt will be the present coach on each of the zoom or in person (location dependent) calls both on group or private coaching.

+ WHO will be THE COACH on the calls?

Book an introduction call with Michael A Blunt to go over your struggles, goals and questions. He will help you choose the best option for you during the call.


There are no refunds or extensions.
You can read our terms and conditions here.

+ whats the REFUND / RETURN / CANCELATION policy

Energy Mastery School spans a total of 3 months. However you have option for continued coaching after the completion of EMS on a monthly bases through Advanced Energy Mastery.

+ how long is the course



We have received your inquire and will be in touch soon. Have an energetic day!


Are you interested in one of the coaching options but have questions before booking a call. 

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model, singer, actress

Katya Lee

"My experience with Michael was completely transformative!
My biggest take away from my time with him was that talking about a problem will not make it disappear, it’s understanding the root of it.
Energy Mastery with Michael has made me believe more, made me become a new me.
I would tell anyone thinking of enrolling in Energy Mastery School that it is a real tool for total transformation."


PArtner, Entertainment Attorney

Joe Dieuvil

“I had quite a few notable experiences and meaningful opportunities that have come my way as a result of the course.

Most notably I received more work in my legal career, as well as, more collaborations on my gym business. I believe this was a result of the amount of self confidence on my abilities that were gained”


Rachana Patel  

"I gave EMS coaching with Michael a 10/10 and will definitely be recommending this to my friends. 
Before EMS, I found setting boundaries to be a struggle, in which this course helped me identify where my lack of boundary setting was coming from so I could then begin the work I needed.    

After EMS, I landed the job of my dreams and an even higher salary than expected! The wheels in motion for my dream of 3 properties by the time I'm 30.   

Overall, I found more alignment, power in myself, and more patience in life - yes I got all of those things : )           


Director, sales executive 

CMO, Adviser, Angel Investor

Brandon M. Weaver

“If I can sum of my experience with Michael in one word - Rewarding.

I was a bit apprehensive and frankly skeptical if this work in reprograming would result in any material shift in my behavior, and  through deep cognitive reconditioning I was able to eliminate the noise and focus on fulfilling my values.  The work around value setting was something I have never thought about and to see me move from creation to implementation is something I am most proud of.

I have been able to create and harness a magnetism rooted in authentic energy created from work done to understand my true values...not those created and reinforced by the world around us. The calmness from which I approach decisions knowing that the choices I make in life align expressly with my core values has been both a liberating and transformative feeling. Be open, be vulnerable, dig deep and trust his process. Thank you Michael”


model, actress

Grae King

“Highly recommended!

The TFA reprogramming helped me to see how deep my mind was in the gutter and brought me awareness to how I think of myself. The emotion code techniques helped free myself from some of shackles I didn't even know I had and allowed me more mental space to process my emotions in a healthy way. I learned how to set boundaries, which allowed me to care less about what other people needed and further enforced that if I'm not okay how can I be okay for other people. The identity shift coaching helped me dream bigger than my current circumstances. It's made me passionate about manifesting my destiny and my future so that when the doubt starts creeping in I have the tools and my words to reignite the fire I have sitting in every class. I got more out of this course than I expected even though I knew I would walk out a changed person. I just didn't know how monumental the change would be mentally."   


real estate agent


My life before EMS was good, but needed improvement, Controlling Emotions, Discipline, and Mindset and Reprogramming subconscious was needed.

Now, after EMS, my life is more Clear, Directional, Fulfilled, and In control of my emotions. I have confidence, also can help others better. learn how to manifest and meditate. 

I have a different perspective on life, saw how believing turns into reality rather than vice versa.


Regional marketing manager

Anna Sales

"This course quite literally saved my life. 

The day Darryl and I got in that unnecessary argument, well he spewed out a ton of hatred and i only felt the option to accept it.

I had a 2.5 hour drive home. I considered -very highly considered- driving myself off a bridge on the highway & giving up on everything. 

The love from my family, friends, and the life i built wasn't loud enough for the deafening memory/noise of me replaying what he had just yelled at me. I internalized that shit and felt absolutely worthless. Luckily Bree answered my call during that drive & a few days later I started The Energy Mastery School course with Michael." 


Dj and social influencer 

Derrick "Padre Bless"

"Yooo never knew energy coaching was a thing or that it was needed until I met Michael!

Michael helped me several times over my stay in Tulum to fix my energy and look at things in a different light when I was struggling with anxiety, self doubt, confidence issues and energy leaks."



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