The Mindset to Money Masterclass

Learn the scientifically backed and spiritually grounded methods for attracting wealth and success in your business! 

"Working with Michael has changed my life. Not only did he change how I think about myself, but I now see the external world through a lens of limitless possibilities. When we first met, I was making a lot of money in a C-suite role but was incredibly lost and dissatisfied. Michael gave me the tools to recognize that any shifts I wanted to make in my life all came down to my mindset. His powerful tools helped me clearly visualize my new path as a highly successful entrepreneur and a year later, I am building my own company. His reprogramming exercises have helped me drop old stories and see that the CEO I want to be is already here within me. Thank you Michael."


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The top mindset mastery tips that will accelerate your timeline to a multi six figure business.

The one key that keeps everyone held back from making the wealth they desire, and how to unlock your mind to mastery making money.

How you can go from zero to six-figures in less than a year.

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"I'm walking in mastery of mindset and feel completely in alignment. Last week the angry neighbor agreed to let me keep my pool house. Today the sellers accepted our first offer on a Miami condo 20k under list price. No negotiations or anything. Also, my firm has had the highest retention rate every since working with you"

Riah Greathouse

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Success Stories

Michael A. Blunt

If you’re stuck I can give you the exact same mental blueprint that I used to grow a multi six figure business. It's not magic, it's not motivation, it's a formula to achieve mindset mastery that I can teach you in my Business Mindset Collective program.  Where I help entrepreneurs  rapidly accelerate to their next level and unlock their unlimited potential. Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of believing that the factors contributing to their success are outside of themselves. But here’s one thing I know after coaching over 100 CEOs, executives, celebrities and founders: the only difference between you and the people who have achieved extraordinary success is what they believe when they look in the mirror and how it's applied to their business.  

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